Why the hell i should give lift to anyone?

Why the hell i should give lift to anyone?

That’s the obvious question every car owner has in his mind whenever he sees any ad of LiftO or hears about it from any colleague. He thinks what great change he can bring in the society by giving lift & reducing just one car from the road. And that’s why he never download LiftO or never offer any lift to colleague or society member. Result: Everyday he goes alone in his big car and curses traffic, pollution and the so called system – that Government is not doing anything.

And he is not alone in the world. There are so many other people in our offices, society who are like him, who think the same way with a thought that why i should share my car with some xyz stranger. There might be various reasons like – don’t want to share as it’s my ME time, don’t want to talk to strangers, have to wait for someone, have to take detour to pick up and drop or what if he will harm me on the way. But that’s actually a lame excuse.

If everyone start thinking like that way than we should have special train, bus, flight for every single person. Why you share your space in flight and train? You should be going alone right? You should be eating alone in some 10 star hotels rather than queuing in front of so called good restaurants where some one from next table can peep at your delicious food.

To bring a change in society its all about collective effort but everything starts from YOU. Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission can never be successful if you are not helping keeping your home, office and nearby locations clean. Similarly no government can reduce traffic congestion and pollution if you are not sharing your rides and keep on driving alone.

If each one of us start giving lift to one person only, we can reduce at least 30-40% of traffic during peak hours. Let’s take a step forward and make a habit of sharing rides rather than going alone in our BIG car.

Let the Ridesharing Revolution begin!!

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