Anand Daga
Hi, I am Anand Daga, Director IB, Nine Rivers Capital. I travel from Thane (Home Location) to Andheri East (office Location) during week days. Lifto is excellent concept and I believe can be the game changer to traffic woes (20 minutes at Mulund Check naka and 15-20 minutes at Powai) even if it is able to reduce vehicle movement by 15-20% during peak hours. Beside, cost saving and pollution reduction, you meet professionals (verification procedure adopted by lifto) and utilise the travel time in networking. I encourage the team to invite more people to the group. I wish very best to Lifto
Ravi Agrawal
I am working with Mahindra & Mahindra as DGM. Its a great concept to enable carpooling through an app. I have used it many times and still it is the most prefer way of daily commuting for me. Firstly, because of convenience of not driving in traffic jam roads, as I am usually the lift taker. Secondly it's the cheapest mode of travelling in AC car without worrying about cramp seatings. And other benefits are obviously that u make some good friends from various fields. I only wish more and more people should use LIFTO, so that enough options are available at any time for any desired ride.
Ameya Warty
I have been using LiftO for about 3 months now. I stay at Thane and work for a publishing house in Andheri which makes my daily commute a bit painful. However, when LiftO was launched the idea surely appealed a lot. However, I was initially a bit apprehensive about the safety part but a LinkedIn based login surely put me at ease as I knew the person I would offer a lift would be a professional. The UI is pretty simple and the best part was the app took care of the calculation of distance and the corresponding payment option since it is linked to the Paytm wallet. Trust me, it will be quite an embarrassing situation when you find yourself asking for money for the ride offered, however the direct calculation and payment takes complete care of it. The fact that I don't need to take any detours or wait is a cherry on the cake. I am very happy that it not only allows me to meet new people but also gives a satisfaction that am doing my bit for the environment by reducing pollution. Kudos to the team LiftO and am sure you will improvise to make the experience more better in the coming times. All the best!!
Jitesh Phulwani
LiftO is a boon people who commute to office daily. It is a life saver and also money saver. People who give rides are always nice and accommodating.
Suraj Behara
Totally awesome idea It's a nice and environment friendly way to share rides instead of pulling out your own car and increasing pollution and road congestion. Thanks for the awesome idea Lifto and just make sure you spread this app across the other parts of country and soon too other parts of world.
Ryan Rajiv Rodrigues
Great Ride share app Very safe, reliable & best of all, no physical cash transactions
Aniket Srivastava
The concept is really good, the ease of posting rides is excellent. I have been happy to share rides on couple of occasions and have been posting rides very frequently. What more can be done here is to advt better, option to see if there are lift seekers in a given time slot so that lift providers can re plan their ride if the schedule doesn't get altered much, ability for same office goers to post exclusive rides for their buddies, option to filter out rides less than a given distance etc. Best of luck!
Subhash Iyer
Brilliant. A car pooling app that actually works. Linkedin integration ensures safety. Intelligent route tracking algorithm ensures more supply of car poolers. Paytm integration ensures smooth payment mechanism.
Rohinish Shah
This app is truly amazing, meet new ppl get across to learn new things good experience... Loving it
Prem Bhirud
Reduced travel costs, congestion, so less pollution. It is Green. It is going to b Global cause. Wish it grows fast &,each n every means of commute is shared soon.
Abhijit Patil
This is an application which helps in Reducing Traffic, Saving Fuel and it's cost and Saving Environment indirectly. Must be used by commuters on common routes.