How carpooling can help you party every weekend?

How carpooling can help you party every weekend?

We all love to party every weekend after exhaustive 5/6 working days. Its a kind of stress buster when you hangout with your friends or colleagues on weekends and try to rejuvenate for next week’s hectic schedule.Do you know why we get stressed out by only working 5-6 days and that too in 8/9 working hours? More than job pressure its a daily commute which takes out all the energy from our body and mind which make us cranky through out the day.

We all love driving to office in Mumbai but don’t like to carpool as it might take our privacy or have to wait for someone to pick up n drop. But you don’t know how carpooling can also give some moolahs which can help you to spend lavishly for weekend parties too 😉

If you add at least one carpooler whom you split costs with, it may add 5-10 minutes onto your drive time but will reduce your bills and expenses by half; adding more people means even more savings. So what are you thinking now? Start doing carpooling from tomorrow and start saving for your weekend parties.

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