General Queries

1. Do I have to input my trip details everyday even for regular commute

No, you can post your repeat offer for ride and your ride would become LIVE everyday same time. You would need to come on app only when you get a ping from the rider.

2. Can I choose to offer ride one day and take ride another day

Yes, the control is in your hand to offer a ride or take a ride on any day. Even if you have scheduled repeat ride, you can cancel the ride for that day and get it converted into other ride.

3. Is there a fixed time at which I have to leave

No way. You can always edit your ride time for that day to get ping from relevant riders

4. Do I have to necessarily go with the person who you recommend

Not at all. You are free to choose your ride partners

5. What are the payment options

As of now we have kept only Paytm wallet as payment option. At the end of ride, car owner would click on end ride and immediately get money in his Paytm wallet. The rider would need to click on “Make Payment” and then make payment through Paytm wallet or credit card or debit card or net banking, anytime before taking next ride.

6. Why do you only have Paytm as payment option

Paytm is the largest mobile wallet payment instrument in India and has more than 20,000 merchants registered on it. Your Paytm cash is as good as normal cash and could be used for payments or part payments at variety of outlets.

You can use your Paytm account to pay for taxi bookings (Uber, Taxifor sure), movie tickets (bookmyshow), food ordering (foodpanda, haldiram’s), shopping (jabong, fabfurnish), flight tickets (makemytrip, cleartrip), railway tickets (irctc) and many more.

7. Who can offer a ride

A car owner who is going to office/home in his private car (self driven or chauffer driven) and is willing to offer ride to an interested person who has some degree of familiarity associated with him

8. Who is Rider

Rider is a person who is looking for a shared ride

9. How does LiftO calculate the cost to be shared by Rider

We have prescribed the shared cost as Rs 3 per km for each Rider. The Rider will make payment through LiftO app and car owner would receive payment from LiftO in his Paytm wallet

10. Does LiftO charge anything for its services

For providing seamless services, technology maintenance and market making we charge 5% each from each party.

11. What about safety and security

We have based our services on the concept of familiarity and mutual connections. And that is the reason we have kept Linkedin as the primary mode of registration. Additionally, if you do not have requisite number of LinkedIn connections, you would need to upload snapshot of id card. In case you do not have LinkedIn account, you can register using Facebook, but you would need to enter your company details and also upload snapshot of company id card.
We also keep the records of every ride, the person travelled, the route and the timing.
Moreover, you have the option for registering your friend/relative as person to contact during emergency and you can call/sms them on the click of a button on our app.
For women travelers, we have “Female Only” option wherein our system would show only woman ride partners.
Despite all the above, you are requested to exercise your own judgment in agreeing to commute with someone.


1. Would car owner pick me up from my start location and drop me to my destination

Depending on the availability, our matching algorithm would present to you the ride partner, with pickup and drop points closest to your intended start and end points as possible. For each matching, you can check out distance of pickup/drop points from your intended start/end points and ping accordingly

2. How much do I need to wait for ride partner

For each matching, you would be shown the pickup time calculated on the basis of current traffic situation. You may choose to ping as per the convenient pickup time

3. How would I pay to the car owner

At the end of ride, you would be directed to make payment on LiftO app. You need to make payment through LiftO app ONLY at the end of ride

4. What if my phone’s internet is not working at the time of payment

You can make the payment as soon as you get internet back and convey this to your ride partner.

Car Owners

1. Why should I offer ride to anyone

As a person going by private self driven or chauffer driver car, by offering ride to someone, you get a familiar travel companion, contribute your two bits for reduction in traffic and also save on cost

2. Do I need to take detour to pickup Rider

Not at all. We understand that no one likes to take even 100 meters detour during peak hours. Hence, our matching algorithm would rather not show you any matching Rider instead of showing one which would involve detour.

3. Do I need to wait for Rider at pickup location

No. Our matching algorithm would present to you with the Rider who would meet you at system generated pickup point on your route. We will suggest you to inform your ride partner if getting late/early as per traffic condition.

4. When should I post offer for ride on the system

You can post your repeat offer for ride and your ride would become live same time on weekdays. In case you do not have fixed time of leaving from home/office, then also you can post a repeat ride, and edit start time on the days you go early/late.

5. Would I need to pay for service tax on the amount charged to lift taker

No. The service tax is applicable to you if you make an earning out of providing services. In case of LiftO, you are giving lift to someone just to save on cost and hence it is not a source of earning for you.

If the goal of offering ride is netting a profit such and you start making notable revenue, then such an activity would imperatively have to be declared and you would have to comply with service tax regulations in India.

6. Is it legal to offer ride in private vehicle

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 does not specifically disallow ride sharing or lift giving or carpooling.

The Act regulates Contract Carriages and Public Service Vehicles which carry passengers for ‘hire and reward’. The definition of Contract Carriages and Public Service Vehicles excludes ‘a private car which is only used occasionally for the giving of lifts against some payment’. Such private car providing occasional lifts against a payment which sets off the cost of a trip is not a vehicle in which passengers are carried for ‘hire or reward’.

LiftO does not encourage people traveling by their own cars to make a profit or earn rewards through any other charges. LiftO’s cost sharing formula ensures that car owners do not receive reimbursement exceeding their vehicle trip cost. The trip cost calculation includes median value of fuel cost, vehicle depreciation charges, annual maintenance charges, driving labor cost (actual or implied), insurance and other nominal charges. On an average there would be two ride partners

7. How would I be paid for the ride offered

LiftO will credit trip fare in your paytm account the moment we receive it from your rider.

10. How many people can I offer ride during a trip

LiftO, as a platform, enables car owner to offer ride to maximum of 3 people. The pickup and drop of all the accepted Riders will be on your route only

11. Can I choose who I offer ride to

Yes. Our route matching algorithm would generate the best available match and show you the profile of ride partner. It would be up to you to accept or decline the person’s request for ride. If you do not wish to travel with that particular person, we would immediately show you profile of next available Rider.