Do I know that guy?

Do I know that guy?

Traffic jam on Pacific Highway.

Usual scene at major highways of Mumbai

Last decade has seen a boom in social networking. The minute you think you have registered into all social networking sites, a new site request pops up in your mailbox. Friends, circles, connections and so on. A friend of your school classmate who resides a thousand miles away knows what you ate in your office party today.

But what about the real life? How many people you know in your own city with whom you may be dealing daily one way or the other? The ones who are more likely to be playing a part in your daily life and business. He may be the web designer Nimesh who designs the website your company uses or he may be Banker Abhishek whom you might be approaching for a business loan soon or Dr. Rupesh who could be your lifesaver someday and they are travelling the same route daily without you actually knowing them for years.

The days are getting busier with time falling short to meet the deadlines and start new ventures. The streets are facing the rush with so many people trying to get from A to B that they are spending an eighth of their day in their car yanking horns.

Is it worth sparing half a day to organize a get together of your connections?

Is it also worth wasting 600 hours and some lac rupees a year in your ride to work without actually utilizing that for your benefit?

What if there is a way to meet new professionals in the same 600 hrs, which is way more than enough and at the same time you get part of your ride cost back? What if someone said you don’t have to put heck of an effort to get that done?

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