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What is LiftO?

LiftO offers a premium ride sharing platform which lets you offer or request for lift in a completely flexible and convenient way. You can travel at half the usual cost when you share your ride, while contributing your two bits towards reduction of traffic and pollution.

We invite you to be part of our premium ride sharing platform

  • Traveling by your car – Give lift to someone and save on cost, while contributing towards reduction in traffic
  • Do not wish to take your car someday – Ask for a lift in another person’s car
  • Going by cab and wish to reduce the cost of travel – Offer a lift to someone
  • Can’t get a cab – Ask for a lift from someone going by cab or private car

What LiftO Offers


Lift Giver doesn’t have to make any detour or wait for anyone.
No multiple pickups/drops as one person gives lift to only one person
Pickup/drop location and pickup time calculated by system for ease of coordination.
Trip cost calculation and cashless payment through the app


You not only decide to be a Lift Giver or Lift Taker on any particular day, but also get the freedom to choose your vehicle, your travel route, your departure time, and riding partner. LiftO is basically an enhanced form of carpooling that gives you the flexibility to become master of your daily travel plan.

Cost Saving

Lift Taker gets to travel to his destinations at almost half the usual cost of hailing a cab. So, why pay full when you can travel at half the cost, with same convenience and comfort.

The cost sharing amount is calculated as per transparent cost sharing formula. Please refer to our FAQ section for more details


We have made LinkedIn the primary source of registration to use LiftO’s services. Hence, you get to view the profile of your riding partner even before confirming the shared ride, and there would also be some degree of familiarity attached. As familiarity begets security, you can be assured of safety and security concerns. Additional features like Female Only, Emergency Contact and Ride Tracking further allays concerns on safety aspects

How To Use LiftO

If you want to know more about how to start using LiftO or its features & functionality click here for more details